Why Choose Kevin Mihm

“Of course you could always just list with your Cousin Bernice because she’s just getting started and your mom said you should help her.  Our advice…  just write her a check for about $20k.  That may be cheaper in the long run.

Lack of negotiating skills, extended time on market, inaccurate pricing, lack of market knowledge, lack of neighborhood knowledge, lack of experience, lack of contacts in Luxury Home Market and more will cost you a lot of money. Picking the right agent mitigates that risk”

The most important decision you will ever make when selling your home…

Selecting the best possible Real Estate Agent is one of the most important decisions you will make when selling your home.  It’s more important than the Agency or any other single choice.  There is little doubt making a logical well thought out choice will result in:

Achieving the best sale price
Fastest possible sale
Lowest transaction frustration

Rule #1 (perhaps the only rule you need…) : 

“If the marketing image of your property does not stand above the crowd you are underrepresented.”

– Look at what an agent has done for his clients, not what he claims he will do for you.
– Review his listings from a buyers perspective
– Look at details
– Ask to see their brochures, photography & virtual tours
– Check for open houses
– Search for their listings on line.  Where do they show?
– Do they stand out in the crowd?

Here are vital questions to ask any agent.

Kevin vs any Agent,  Take the Challenge!

Does your agent stack up against Kevin?  Never settle for less!
Question Kevin Mihm Kevin Your
Are they full time? Kevin is a Full Time Agent with passion and focus on helping every buyer & seller.   Do you want a part time agent?
Years of Experience 30+    Experience indicates success
Career Total Single Agent sales  $704,000,000 and growing…
That’s approaching the Billion Dollar Club
  Ask to see track his record of sales, not team or office…
Total Value of current Listings Typically $10,000,000 Plus   Ask to see proof
Consecutive years Listed as #1 Agent 16 years   Ask to see proof
Does Agent Answer Phone? Always  
Is the he a Broker? Yes   Brokers have access to better resources
Does he work for Major firm? Yes   Browse their internet presence
Does Agent specialize in my home? Yes, Primarily Luxury, Custom Built
& High end Homes
  Selling a $100k home doesn’t = Luxury Home Success
Demonstrate knowledge of my neighborhood? Extensive knowledge… ask any question   In Luxury home market people buy location first
Is Agent recognized industry expert? Yes  
Use of professional photographer on every listing? Yes… every listing regardless of price.
If your agent, or their assistant, photographs the listing themselves they are under-representing your home.
  Your home’s impression comes from those Images.
Do images of listed properties appeal to you?   How do YOU pick homes visit?
Are Tours of listed properties appealing?   How do YOU pick homes visit?
Does Agent have expanded personal Internet presence? Kevin’s has the Most Extensive Personal Internet Marketing Presence of any Agent.   Kevin’s broad & unique presence goes well beyond the norm.
Does that internet presence outshine other agents? Just compare, you’ll see for yourself   Does it look amateur or unique?
Does Agents Internet presence show up in searches? Extensive Google Adwords spending
+ Custom SEO
Search for “luxury homes in pittsburgh”
Where does any other agent show up? 
  Does the agent’s presence show high on search listings?
Is their internet presence Mobile Compatible Yes   More people search on tablets and phones every day.
Does he provide credible references for my type of home? Yes   What other people think Really Does matter…
Does he focus on Helping Buyers Always helping buyers with a passion…
(That should be very important to sellers)
  You’re not buying your home, others are.
Ask how they act as buyers agent.   Do they demonstrates buyer appeal?
How many open houses at a time? Typically many each weekend   Indicates ability to handle your home as well as others
What do the their Printed Brochures look like? Superior to any agent  
Personal Web Site Address iMihmTV.com  
Personal Web Site Address PittsburghNorthHomes.com  
Personal Web Site Address PittsburghLuxuryHomeMarketplace.com  
Personal Web Site Address LuxuryHomePlace.com  
Personal Web Site Address PittsburghLuxuryHome.com  
Personal Web Site Address PittsburghLuxuryHomeMarket.com  
Personal Web Site Address TheLuxuryHomeMarketPlace.com  
Personal Web Site Address TodaysLuxuryHome.com  
Does Agent Publish Magazine Pittsburgh’s Luxury Home Marketplace  
Circulation of Last Edition 7,000 (targeted direct mail to local high end home market plus many professional service delivery locations)