Simply put, there are two ways to approach marketing and selling a home, “Professionally and with Passion” or with “Cousin Bernice” who comes highly recommended by your mom who was very impressed with the “pics” she can send with her new phone.  See hints about selecting the right agent CLICK HERE

Data recently compiled from highly acclaimed sources (Redfin, WSJ, NAR) was made into this very telling graphic by RuxtaRealty in Wilmington NC.  Yes a picture is worth a $1,000!

Homes we have photographed tend to sell for a higher price, can be listed for a higher price per sq. ft. receive more views on line and 98% of buyers think photos are most useful when buying a home.  

By the way while this study mentioned the use of a DSLR as the equipment standard to shoot, we have to mention it’s not all the camera.  It’s the person behind the camera.  Professionals know how to use this complex instrument and process the images, agents don’t.  We use professional a photographer for all of our listings for a reason.  They make a difference!  

Want a real test of effectiveness?  Look over our listings and then look over any other agents listings for similar properties.  You’ll see eye catching images on all of our listings and you will want to see the properties.  Other agents may use a pro but most do not.  You will be able to tell the difference quickly.  

If you still want to go with another agent please demand they use a pro.  If they refuse or say it does not matter, ask yourself this question.  Did it make a difference to you when you were looking over the images on the internet?  It’s very easy to see.  If it makes a difference to you it will make a difference to others and it will impact your time on market as well as your final sale price.  If an agent can’t grasp that it’s time for another agent…

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