Spring is the prime time to ready your home for sale. It is traditionally the busiest time for Real Estate. When you know you will be selling the time to prepare is now, not later.

Spring is full of competition and your home must be up to the task. Get that crucial jump on the competition.

Put a smile on the face of your home. Here are 5 steps that will help with that smile.

1) Clear the clutter. You must do this anyway if your home is sold. You’ll must either take it with you or get rid of it. Have a garage sale and let the kids join in, sell items online, donate (tax deductible) and throw it away.

2) Remove personalization. You must strike a balance here. The home must maintain it’s spirit and character and reflect life yet not “hide the character of the home.” There are plenty of guides out there on this. Have fun read a few and then follow through. Pack thing in orderly containers labeled by room both the room it cam from and the room where you want it to go.

3) Clean the exteriors, walks, porches, decks, driveways, siding, windows and more. The exterior of you home is the first impression every buyer will have. Make it a good one. Write a plan down and stick to it.

4) Pre-inspection repairs. The home inspector won’t miss them words from him are more than words they go in written reports and buyers will read them. Hire you own inspector and fix what he finds.

5) Open and light up your home up. Clean those windows. Check for odors. Get rid of mold and all that’s old. Make sure every light in every fixture works.

Spring has symbolically been a time of rebirth and renewal. Renew you home and put a smile on it’s face inside and out.

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