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Why use professional photography to help sell your home

Simply put, there are two ways to approach marketing and selling a home, "Professionally and with Passion" or with "Cousin Bernice" who comes highly recommended by your mom who was very impressed with the "pics" she can send with her new phone.  See hints about...

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Cranberry named to 10 Best Places to Raise Your Kids

10 best places to raise your kids #4. Cranberry Township, Pa. Population: 27,708GreatSchools city score: 9Median family income: $106,510Percent of income spent on housing: 19.6%County unemployment rate: 5.7%Nearest city: Pittsburgh Cranberry, as the locals call it, is...

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Notes on Selecting The Best Agent

When selling or buying a home this always holds true… “An effective Agent is a Business Partner. He has a plan for all stages of your sale.”

Your mother may suggest “Cousin Bernice just got her real Estate license” and “you should use her because Aunt Mary is your Godmother.” The blinding red light of caution and deafening warning siren in your brain should be overwhelming at this point. Selecting the right Real Estate Agent will have great impact both in financial and emotional terms. Did I say Agent? I should have said Business Partner.

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Preparing your home for photographs helps it sell faster!

Help the photographer “Visualize” your home Lighting is critical: All bulbs, lamps and lighting fixtures must work All shades, blinds and drapes should work & open.  Tell agent and photographer what time the sun shines on front of home The lens will see what you...

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The Triple Threat… Staging, Photography and Pricing!

  Staging and professional photography go hand-in-hand.   Add competitive pricing and you have a winning combination called "The Triple Threat."  Staging, Photography, and Pricing are three key factors in selling homes faster than the competition. Focus on what...

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Why Professional Photography Really Matters

Recently the president of a very large real estate firm had a conversation with a top rated agent in the firm.  He said, and I'll paraphrase... "Most of my top 20 agents use professional photographers.  Why do you insist on shooting your own photographs?...  your time...

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