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Over 30 years experience, approaching $1Billion in transactions!  Kevin is more than a Realtor.  He has become a valued neighborhood historian.

Work with developers, agencies, local industries, Real Estate related services and thousands upon thousands of clients… has enabled Kevin to build an extensive human database of the critical neighborhood information.  That information goes far beyond the typical on-line list of schools, taxes, utilities etc.

Ride with Kevin.  Look and listen even if you are a thousand miles away.  Create your short list of neighborhoods and then give Kevin a call and experience an in person “wonderful day in the neighborhood” PS:  they have also called him the Human GPS.  Ride in person and you will see why.

Ride with Kevin through these Luxury Neighborhoods


North Park

The Heights of North Park

North Park Manor


The Village of Pine

Fox Meadow

English Farms

Enjoy these Fly Over Experiences


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