i3D Imaging Process… Internet marketing & Your Home

[cp_quote style=”quote_normal_dark”]Simply put, i3D is a proprietary imaging process developed specifically to make homes stand out in the overcrowded world of Internet Real Estate Marketing.[/cp_quote]

[cp_dropcaps]C[/cp_dropcaps]onfronted with two homes, all other things equal, a buyer will always migrate to the home with first image that stands out and draws them into the home.  Confront them with 10 home images and the impact of i3D becomes even more apparent.  Brains make decisions like this in 3 seconds or less.  At this point no feature, location or price matters.  All that matters is the image.

Wow that’s a bold statement!  In order to understand a bit better why it’s true, consider the computer and how we use it.  It’s the way nearly 100% of the Real Estate Web sites on the internet are structured and the process 80% of the buyers (almost 100% if they use a buyer’s agent) use in their home search.  How do you search for homes on the internet?  Since you’re most likely reading this on the internet you may already understand.

Searches are Logical… Images are Emotional

All on line searches are logical and without emotion.  The human touch and emotion is only added to the selection process after the search has filtered logical items like price, location and features.  Searches are not structured on words like “pretty, plenty of light, great kitchen, large back yard, warm, appealing, great flow” etc.

You know where you want to live (location), how much you can afford (price) and how many bedrooms and baths you need (features).  The computer will instantly assemble a list meeting those criteria for you.  At that instant, when the list of homes is returned to you, all selected homes are equal.  That’s the moment emotion kicks in.  The eyes have it!  The home standing out from the crowd will be the first selected.  That image will be the one leaving a lasting impression on your brain.  It makes it to your brains short list right away.

It’s in our DNA

It’s as simple as that.  It’s in our DNA.  “Oooo Pretty!”  The pretty one wins!  Now, it doesn’t seem fair does it?  Your home has granite counter tops, your garage floor is sealed with epoxy, everyone loves the alcove off the master suite and kids just love the game room.  None of that matters the instant your home is seen on the internet.  It’s what stands out about an image, sitting next to others the computer presents, that triggers the next move.
Buyers will click on the prettiest one.  “Oooo Pretty!”  After that you’re confronted with more images “Oooo Pretty!”  where i3D can help present those great counter tops and the alcove off the master suite and the soaking tub.  An even greater impression is burned into the brain.  Again it takes less than 3 seconds.  Only after that are the “logical features” of the listing verified.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a $100k listing or a $1million listing.  It’s in our DNA.  It works the same every time.  The pretty one wins.

We could go into the technical details of how we do it, how long it takes and why it works.  None of that really matters!

The only thing that matters is “Oooo Pretty!”  Make your own decision and make sure your agent uses the i3D process for producing marketing images of your home.

Prove it yourself

These images were taken directly from the internet untouched.  Homes next to each other are of similar pricing, features and neighborhoods but from different agents even different agencies.  Pricing ranges from $190k to $1.9million.  Guess which ones used the i3D image process!  Given a choice which ones would make your short list to view?  If no one looks at your home it won’t sell.  i3D helps increase showings.

More showings mean more offers.  More offers mean higher price.  Higher price and everyone’s happy.  It’s only logical.

At iMihmTV we exclusively use
the i3D imaging process for our listings.

i3D imaging is a proprietary process of Real Estate Imaging Service

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