We are just beginning to create a library of Luxury neighborhoods in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh.  We call it Kevin On Demand.  Just like on demand cable service you will soon be able to select a Luxury neighborhood and ride along with Kevin Mihm, Pittsburgh’s most knowledgeable Realtor.  It will grow over time and become a valuable asset for anyone looking for homes and neighborhoods that match your lifestyle.

Kevin knows everything about these neighborhoods from their history to their amenities and all about the surrounding areas.  Some even call him the human GPS.  You can scan through 5 neighborhoods in 5 minutes to get the feel of the neighborhood or spend about 2-3 minutes in each one for a more detailed experience.

We know of no other agent that does this.  Perfect for those who value their time and appreciate the knowledge Kevin has to share.  Tell us what you think of it and call Kevin for an in person tour of you selected neighborhood!

Take a test drive with Kevin on Demand

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